Saturday, December 26, 2015


In response to BB, an MRI and CAT showed the surgeon where he wanted to go, and as far as I know it was a straight shot thru tissue,  After surgery, I had complete relief from tremor for 4 or 5 days, known as the microlesion effect.  Apparently this is a good sign that the electrode is in the right place, and that I should get a positive result when the stimulator is turned on –- Jan. 6.

Happy holidays to all.

Friday, December 18, 2015


Thanks to everyone for being so kind.  Some of you have asked what it was like.

In the OR the surgeon screwed my skull into a beautiful anodized steel cage.   Then I was taken to radiology for an MRI that mapped my brain x-y-z with reference to the cage coordinates.

Back to OR.  With the MRI data as a guide on the computer, the surgeon drilled a 14mm hole in my skull.  Then  fished an electrode deep into my brain looking for the right spot.  We're listening to the neurons firing on the speaker.   When he found the right cells, the frequency of the firing matched the frequency of my tremor.   When they fired up the electrode, the tremor stopped dead.  The surgeon and assistants were pleased with how fast it went.

In all of this I was wide awake and talking to surgeon, even while drilling!    No pain at all.

Then to sleep while they fished the lead under my scalp and neck to where they implanted the controller/battery under my collar bone.  Minimum incisions.  Home the next day,

Even without the power on, my tremor is much improved.  I'm typing this with almost not typos!  And eating soup.  In a week or so, when everything is healed, I will see the neurologist who with turn on and program (tweek) the freq. and voltage of the simulator.  This is done wirelessly by remote.  I will have a  remote too.  I can turn it off/on, e,g,, at night.   Battery should last 4-6 years, which is probably longer than I will last.

I'll let you know when we're up and running.