Thursday, May 15, 2014


For those who are still looking in on the porch: I'm about 95% back to pre-crisis, getting stronger, and heavier, every day. I've had dozens of suggestions for tremor and PD, from brain implants to Irish oatmeal to yet another Big Pharm concoction. For the time being I'll live with the tremor and see what develops. I'm off all drugs (except wine with dinner; for a month I had not the slightest interest in alcohol, so that may be a good sign). Cholesterol and blood pressure fine. There, that's more than you wanted to know.

Reading about the new South Pole discovery in Science -- microwave picture of the universe when it was 10-38 seconds old -- got my blogger itch going. How can anyone not want to meditate for a while on a universe so young and full, and smaller than a proton? But no, the time has come. I always had in mind stopping at ten years and the recent episode was my brain's way of staying "get out while you're ahead." And I'm so weary of dealing with tremulous typos.

Don't know who has been around the longest? Maybe Barry, our resident theist? Any other claimants?

Meanwhile, the frame of mind we have called religious naturalism has advanced considerably. My friend Ursula Goodenough and her r/n friends have something up their sleeve. I'll let you know what develops. Science Musings may have an afterlife, at least as part of an archive. BTW, the SM archive can be searched thru Google: "search term"

Again, thanks to all. Look in for Anne. You may also occasionally hear from Tom. Or me.