Saturday, May 03, 2014

Dear friends,

An update. Some time ago I mentioned here that I had developed a tremor in my right hand, originally diagnosed as essential tremor, but now possibly onset of Parkinson's. It has progressed to the point where it is tedious to type. I spend most of my time correcting typos. My doctors have tried a succession of drugs, to no avail. It was a reaction to a drug that wiped me out two weeks ago, and I'm still recovering. Tom has been great at keeping the porch open, but it may be time to close up for good. We'll see what the next few weeks brings.

It's been ten years, millions of words, and fun all the way. You have been wonderful visitors and commenters, wise, courteous and kind. I count myself lucky to have shared with you and learned from you. Thank you, thank you for your friendship.

I would hate to deprive you of Anne's lovely contributions. The site will remain open, and access to Anne assured. Keep checking. We'll see what happens.


P. S. Here's another reprise from Tom.