Friday, February 28, 2014

Global warming?

When we arrived here in mid-December, the sun rose over the cairn on Stocking Island, about as far to the south as it ever gets. Morning by morning, it has been creeping north along the horizon, not fast enough to be obvious day by day, but easily noticeable week by week as the smaller cays slip under its rolling wheel.

In three weeks it will rise due east, the first day of spring, and time to return to New England.

Return to what? Snow? Cold? All winter we have been reading on the internet about the brutal weather in the north, and counting our blessings. All right, I'm willing to put shoes on, but boots and wooly socks? Please, say it won't be so.

Meanwhile, our family climatologist has arrived for a week, to explain why global warming can drive that pesky polar vortex down across North America. Seems counterintuitive, but I trust her explanation. Here's another just-announced accolade to go with the Wollaston.