Wednesday, February 19, 2014

At last!

I have been under clear dark skies for a month-and-a-half without my Guy Ottewell's 2014 Astronomical Calendar!

It arrived at my home in New England only hours after I boarded the plane for Exuma. No point in having my son mail it; mail of that sort could take months to get here. Instead, he sent it to daughter Margaret, who has just now arrived on the island with her family. Glad to see the granddaughters. Glad to see the calendar too.

Guy's Calendar is indispensible for a dedicated skywatcher, and I have often recommended it here. This year's Calendar is bigger than ever and with an entirely new format. At first browse, I like it. It will be interesting to see how the new arrangement of information goes over with Guy's long-time fans.

As many of you will know, we came to the island twenty years ago in search of dark skies and wide horizons. Not even a street light to dim the stars. The zodiacal light as bright as the Milky Way. We built a house on the beach with money from the movie, Frankie Starlight, and called it Starlight House. And became citizens of the cosmos.

Well, that has changed somewhat. The airport over the hill has night illumination now. There are street lamps along the Queen's Highway, and more outdoor domestic lighting. The new Sandals resort offers their guests everything but stars. Still, we live in the sky, and Guy is our guide.

And another plus. The electricity on the island goes off with a cheering regularity, plunging us all into darkness. Happened last evening as we were finishing dinner with Margaret, Mark and the girls. We all repaired to the terrace for some "Ohhh!" and "Wow!!!"