Thursday, February 13, 2014

A beaming Dad

I'll take a break from the usual post today to be the proud parent.

Daughter Maureen (here and here) is the 2014 winner of the Wollaston Medal of the Geological Society of London, arguably the most prestigious international prize in the Earth sciences. The award was established in 1831. Previous winners include such giants of geology as Willliam Smith, Gideon Mantell, Louis Agassiz, Richard Owen, Adam Sedgwick, Henri De la Beche, Charles Darwin, Roderick Murchison, Charles Lyell and Thomas Huxley, all of whom I have written about in my various books. (Maureen is the first woman to win the medal.) We are proud of you, Mo.

More on Connelly and the Greeks next week. A date sensitive post tomorrow.