Thursday, January 30, 2014

About time

You may have read about the hugely rich venture capitalist who caused something of a storm last week by suggesting on TV that the "progressive war on the 1% " was the equivalent of the Nazi persecution of the Jews. A "kristallnacht" was in the offing he said.

He went on to show off his watch, which apparently cost something over $300,000. Worth a "six-pack of Rolexes," he crowed.

To each his own.

Yesterday I suggested here that life is made of shivers, of tingles in the spine. Here's what gave me shivers yesterday.

A manta ray that has for several days now taken up residence along our beach. We've had mantas swim by before, but they never lingered. This fellow seems to like us as much as we like him and every time his wing-tips soar out the water a chill runs up my spine.
And the gecko.

I had left a bucket of water in the yard in which I had washed paint brushes and rollers. I happened to glance in yesterday and saw a gecko clinging to the side, its head barely out of the gooey water, glued in place with latex. Alive, dead? No way to know how long it had been there in its slowly hardening captivity. I'll spare you the rescue, which involved a thorough bath and slow recovery from trauma. Tingle!

Now that I think of it, I wasn't wearing my watch all day. But here I am showing off my own shivers of time.