Monday, November 18, 2013

Finders and seekers

Religious persons can be divided into two categories: finders and seekers.

Finders are focused on dogma, scriptures, revelation. Finders emphasize belonging to a community of like-minded believers. Finders are institutional and hierarchical. Finders are evangelical.

Seekers search inward, as well as outward. Seekers are eclectic in their associations and value diversity. Seekers are loners and levelers. Seekers are less interested in the destination than the journey. Seekers are silent.

The God of finders hears and answers prayers. He is knowable and approachable.

The god of seekers is hidden, revealing himself/herself/itself in fleeting glimpses, out of a pregnant darkness.

Finders are comforted by certainty.

Seekers are ravished by mystery.

The attitude of a finder to her God is obedience.

The attitude of a seeker to her god is awe.