Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Fifty shades of green

Son Dan and spouse are with us for a week. Dan brought a YouTube link to a video he pieced together from stills he made on his last visit, a panoramic view from the garden.

I know it's self-indulgent, but I'll share it anyway. Here's the link.

The parish is Fionntrá ("white strand"). The village -– post office, shop, pub -– is Ceann Trá ("head of the strand"). Both are anglicized as Ventry.

The island jutting up out of the sea on the far horizon is Skellig Michael, which figures so prominently in my novel In the Falcon's Claw. At the center of the final frame is a 16th-century castle of the Knights of Kerry, partly pulled down by Cromwellian forces. It sits inside a massive iron-age earthen ring fort.