Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Consider these words or phrases from yesterday's post: "maybe," "I think," "this is not to say," "apparently," "may very well," "likely," "perhaps."

All this in 350 words. What have we here? A tissue of equivocation? Wishy-washy opinion? Refusal to take a stand?

Well, maybe. Perhaps.

When I read over the first draft of the post I noticed I'd written, "It is no doubt a human characteristic…", and "Institutional religions are undoubtedly so universally embraced…", and my distrust of absolute assertions kicked in. So out went the "no doubt" and "undoubtedly" and in with two more qualifiers.

Very un-bloggy, I know. The blogosphere is a monument to unqualified assertion. More or less.

So why the equivocation?

I didn't spend a lifetime wresting myself free of one set of infallible dogmas to embrace another.

Which is not to say that I don't believe the statements I qualify. I do. This blog is a testament. A credo. But I want belief to be softened with tolerance, humility, self-examination. I want to make space for dissent. I want that extra chair on the porch where a Barry can feel comfortable joining the conversation.