Thursday, May 02, 2013

Where in the world?

As I have mentioned here before, son Tom (our webmaster) and I are both mapheads, i.e. geography nuts, and like to tease each other with snapshots from Google Earth: Where in the world is this? The teaser has some clue, no matter how obscure, starts as a close-up, then moves to wider and wider views (if necessary) until the "guesser" gets it.

For example, last week I got this (you can click on the image for enlargement):

Hopeless! North is at top, of course, and the geology is clearly sedimentary. The breakwater and curious depressions in the ground are interesting, but I got nowhere.

After several days and several "blow-ups," he gave me this to go on:

Very interesting now, but still damnably difficult! I will leave it as a puzzle for you. By the way, those blackish grids on the larger island are rows of houses (as now I know).

And here is this week's. So full of clues it took me five minutes tops to find it on Google Earth.