Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It is a funny sort of life we have constructed for ourselves in retirement, like Gobi vagabonds, moving about every three months, following the seasons. Snow birds in the winter, heat birds in the summer, New Englanders in glorious spring and fall.

It suits me. It teases my taste for novelty. There's always the next place to look forward to -– new geography, new weather, new food, new friends. At age 70, Wallace Stevens wrote to a friend: "It's not that I grow tired but that my élan seems somewhat bent." That sums it up exactly. This moving about gives my élan a twist, bends it back into shape. At least for a few months.

And now it's that time again. Tomorrow and Friday in transit, to the New England spring and my cozy chair in the college library. Alas I leave without seeing Comet PANSTARRS. Here, in this place of splendid horizons and clear skies, the Western horizon at sunset has been cloudy or hazy for a week. But I have Comet ISON to look forward to, when the tilting Earth brings me back to Exuma.

Back in a few days.