Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where's Wally?

Last week in Dublin, 3,872 people turned out in red-and-white-striped sweaters and stocking caps to set a world record for the most people in Where's Wally costumes in one place (that's Where's Waldo in the US and Canada). They filled a full two-page photographic spread in the Irish Times. Lovely, I think, that with all the economic strife in this country right now, thousands of folks can get a jolly by dressing up as Wally in a sea of candy-stripe duds.

And speaking of Where's Wally.

I was sitting on the window sill of Jim Long's shop in the village the other day, eating my ice-cream, when the Google Street-View car rolled by. It's been here before, even down our one-lane road above the village, as I've noted on this blog. But now I'm waiting to see if I have achieved my own Where's Wally fame by having a place in the massive Street View archive.

This could be the kind of immortality I've been looking for. Not the Empyrean Fields. Not streets of gold. Not white gowns and harps and the Beatific Vision. No. But up there in the Google cloud, eating an ice lolly. "Look, Mom! I found Grandpa on Street View!"