Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sparkle plenty

A holiday ad campaign by J. C. Penny had the tag line "Sparkle Matters." The sparkle they had in mind was the sort that's dug out of the ground in South Africa, among other places. I'm afraid there's no sparkle of that sort in our family, mainly because spending lots of money on tiny bits of carbon never made much sense to me (or maybe I'm Mr. Cheapo), and never made much sense to my true love either. Not much bling around here.

But we have sparkle of our own kind, and it doesn't cost a cent.

We have a myriad of stars that sparkle in a sky still largely unpolluted by artificial light.

We have a surf that splinters into showers of sparkles in the moonlight.

We have fish in extravagant colors that sparkle on the reef.

We have irridescent hummingbirds that sparkle as they hover at the feeder.

We have raindrops that sparkle in rainbow hues.

Does sparkle matter? Oh yes, sparkle matters. The universe sparkles from every corner with thermonuclear light. We wouldn't be here if it did not.