Sunday, September 06, 2009

Alphabet Soup

This hasn't got anything to do with the usual subjects of discussion, but it's something I wrote last week for my grand-daughters K & C, and as it is Sunday, playday, I'll share it here, for the children among you.

Annie has pitched her tent, a teepee.
She stands by the doorflap, arms akimbo, proud as can be.
Want to come in? Say the magic word.
(Don't tell Annie I told you. It's abracadabra.)


Boy. Boy-oh-boy, what a boy.
Big tummy. Sticks out his chest. Look at me!
Boisterous. Belligerent. He buzzes like a bee.
Bully boy. All bluff and bluster. Get outta my way!


See! Cecil saw.
Mouth agape. Eyes popping out of his head.
What did Cecil see? He saw a seesaw. Up and down, click-clack.
Up and down. Like waves on the sea.


Dee and Di go downtown.
Doughty dowagers, arm in arm.
Arm in arm. Filling up the sidewalk. Walking side by side.
Don't dither! Don't dawdle! Don't dilly-dally! say Di and Dee.


Eek! Those teeth! Those claws!
Tiger, tiger, burning bright. In the forest of the night.
Scratch and gobble. Gobble and scratch.
All the better to eat you with, said the Big Bad E.


Fiddle-faddle. Fiddle-de-dee.
The fastidious fiddler, his violin tucked under his chin.
Just so. His fingers on the frets, his bow on the strings.
Just so. Just so. The fiddly fiddler.


Grrrrrrr! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
The growling galumphous. Those fearsome jaws.
Where did he come from? Where is he going?
Goodness gracious, I hope he's not interested in me.


Hi, stiltwalker. High in the sky.
On stilts. Put one stick in front of the other.
Left, right, left, right. Teeter. Totter. Don't fall!
Higgledy-piggledy, hobbledehoy. The happy stiltwalker.


I like ice cream, icy cold.
I like icicles. I like igloos full of eskimos.
I like iguanas and impalas. I like inchworms and izards.
All eyes are on me. Let's hear about you.


A street full of jaywalking jaybirds, jeopardizing traffic.
Jabbering jaybirds. Jiggling and jostling. Read the signs!
Cross at the corners, between the white lines.


K, K, K, K, K, K, K, K. Here comes Katie.
She is taking her kid to kindergarten in her pouch.
Her kid goes to school with kaolas and kookabarras.
Katie is a -- Can you guess?


Lulu in her clown shoes.
Clip-clop. Flip-flop. See her go, with her loooooooong toes.
Why is Lulu wearing clown shoes? I'll ask her.
Wait up, Lulu, wait! Clip-clop. Flip- flop.


Mmmmmm. Mama's making marmalade.
Marmalade and home-baked muffins. Mmmmmm.
We put our bibs on. See them dangling from our chins.
Bibs to catch the orangey crummmbs. Mmmmmm.


In the playground, on the slide.
A girl named Naughty Nellie. Up the ladder, down she glides.
Up, down. Up, down. Won't give the other kids a turn.
Can you guess -- how Naughty Nellie got her nick-name?


Open your eyes, Barney Google.
Goo-goo eyes. Moon eyes. Eyes as round as the Sun at noon.
Eyes like big balloons. Eyes like cookies. Raccoon eyes.
Look! Look! Look at Barney Google's eyes.


And look at Peter's bulging cheeks.
Plump peaches, pulpy plums. Prunes and persimmons.
Stuffs everything in. Pears and peanuts, peas and pecans.
Pudgy Peter's bulging cheeks.


Cute little Queenie, with her curlycue curl.
She washes her hair in cucumber juice.
Call it quaint. Call it queer. Call it a strange little quirk.
But take Queenie's word for it: It works.


Roger the Pirate on his stiff peg leg.
Jolly Roger, they call him. Every day he drinks a keg of grog.
Fee-fie-fo-fum. Run up the skull and crossbones.
Arrrgh! he says.


Estelle has a pet. The pet says Ssssssssssss.
I don't want to pet Estelle's pet.
Estelles's pet slithers. Estelles's pet is slimy. Estelles's pet has scales.
Estelle keeps her pet in a big glass box. Don't let it escape!


Auntie Tia invites me to tea.
Auntie Tia is a teetotaler. She never touches Uncle Tio's tequila.
She drinks nothing but tea. Her tea table has just one leg.
The table is tipsy, but not Auntie Tia.


You, you, you, said the ram to the ewe.
I'm in love with you, you you. No one else will do.
You make me smile. A great big smile. A mile-wide smile.
You certainly do, you little ewe you.


Victor lives in a valley. Victoria lives on the hill.
Or is it vice versa? I can never remember.
Victor looks up at Victoria. Victoria looks down at Victor.
Or is it vice versa? Who has the best view? Vic or Vic?


Dopplegangers, side by side. Weedledee and Weedledum.
Double your letters. Double your fun.
Wiggle, wabble, watch them wobble. Two whippersnappers.
Weedledee and Weedledum making whoopee.


The mysterious Mister X.
Always asking for a kiss.
Right here on my cheek.
X marks the spot.


Why is the sky blue? Why is the sea green?
Why is this the very best day I've ever seen?
Yippee! I shout, my hands in the air. Yip, Yip, hooray!
Why is this the yummiest day in the whole long year?


And that is the end of the alphabet soup.
It's time for a snooze. Time to saw logzzzz.
A great long snooze. A snooze with a snore.
Goodnight. Zzzzzzzz, zzzzzzzz, zzzzzzzzz.