Monday, July 06, 2009

The mountain and Mohammed

We all enjoy the links that brome grass -- our resident surf master, thanks bg -- and others provide. Alas, the videos are beyond reach of my infinitely slow dial-up connection here in the west of Ireland.

Three years ago a company called ilDana hooked me up with an antenna to access broadband from a line-of-sight WiFi mast they erected at Cuan across the harbor. It worked great -- for a week. This was at the end of the summer. By the time I returned the next June the company had gone bust, along with my 200 euro connection fee and the monthly payments I had made while I wasn't here.

A local fellow, Hans, took over. He put his WiFi mast on the ridge between Mount Eagle and Crough Maurin, which serviced most of our parish, but also parts of Dunquin on the other side of the mountains. Unfortunately, the hill behind the Murphy's farm hid the mast from my view, just barely. No signal.

Time passes, Hans dies. A new company, Kerry Broadband, arrives on the scene. They put their mast on the roof of Paudi O'Se's pub, right out there a mile or so directly in front of my window. A few days ago a nice young man showed up and fixed me with an antenna. A signal? Yes. But too weak to be usable. The gable of the parish church, which is next to the pub, just covers the mast.

So here I sit, with a view that is breathtakingly vast and deep, and the one thing I can't see is a six-foot pole with a box on the roof of Paudi O'Se's pub.

I'll cheer myself up with a pic from Anne. Click to enlarge.