Friday, April 17, 2009

The oldest road

This evening my sons Dan and Tom and I fly to England to spend a week walking the Ridgeway, the oldest known trackway in Britain, dating far back into prehistoric times, now a national trail. We will begin near Avebury (with its magnificent stone circle), walk along the brim of the chalk North Downs (past many Iron Age hill forts and megalithic monuments), drop into the valley of the Thames at Goring, then climb through the Chilterns to Ivinghoe Beacon. The only way I will have to post is with my iPod Touch, assuming our accommodations have WiFi, so I may not be here often next week, and If I am, my posts will be brief. Please excuse typos.

Tom has traced our track in red on Google Earth, and added labels. You can follow here. Zero in at any scale you want. You will need to download Google Earth if you don't have it.

Tom points out that our walk parallels in length and character Frodo and friends' walk from Hobbiton to Bree. This is perhaps not surprising since Tolkien resided in nearby Oxford and often walked the Downs.

We have no Ring to carry, and our luggage will be moved each day by a neat outfit named Contours. Other than that, we are on our own. I hope to check in along the way.