Saturday, July 15, 2006

Technology -- Part 2

OK, so what are the engineering achievements I can't live without at this stage in my life (my seventieth summer)? Very few, it turns out. I am much less enamored of high tech than I was a decade ago, much more dependent for my emotional well-being upon organic things, natural things. Plants. Animals. The night sky. My sunrise walk to school along the path. Coffee with my laptop in a morning slant of light. Access to a good college or university library. Silence.

So I'll list:

-- Mac laptop

-- Internet access, preferably wireless

-- Google

I suppose too I'm glad for the relevant healthcare technology for if and when I need it. But on the whole I'm less interested in tech, more content to fall behind the curve. I have Tom, thank goodness, to sort out my digital dilemmas. The morning glories at the window are now three feet high and the tomato plants are in bloom.