Monday, April 03, 2006

TSE -- the end

Back to US, and trying to get back the groove. Thanks to Tom for posting the Musings while I was away. Access to internet was not a problem. Even the littlest hotels in remote Turkey are wired. The problem was time. Too much to see and do, brain too tired to think.

The eclipse. The bluest, most cloud free day of the trip. If you watched the NASA livecast, they were just down the road. But no photograph can capture the experience of totality. The sudden chill. The birds flying hither and yon in confusion. The unworldly color of the sky, the 360 degree twilight on the horizon. The shadow racing towards us across the sea. Bailey's beads. The diamond rings. The gasps and shouts of awe. And all over in 3 minutes 44.9 seconds.

Here is a pic of pinholed partial phases on Dan's chest. Almost as interesting as totality was the astonishing geology of Cappadocia. More on that tomorrow.