Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Walking Zero, One, Two, Three, etc...

As Chet has mentioned before, in the fall of 2003 he traveled to England to tramp the countryside along the Prime Meridian. This formed the backdrop for his new book Walking Zero.

You don't have to be a science writer or even a TV personality to have your own longitudinal adventure. Like Milne's Pooh, we can discover our own "poles."

Check out the website for the Degree Confluence Project. Their goal is to record a photograph of every intersection of a latitude and longitude line in the world. Since everyone on Earth lives within 49 miles of a "degree confluence", everyone can participate in a little exploration.

Of course, like Letterboxing and Geocaching, this is another happy excuse to get outdoors and walk around. It is impressive, however, to browse their photo mosaic of the over 4000 confluences already documented by their volunteer adventurers. Neat!