Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Tiger in the tank

OK, I guess I'll have to spring for Tiger, Mac's new operating system. From what I read in the reviews, it's miles ahead of the competition.

In fact, Apple has always been miles ahead of the competition. It was Apple that made computers user friendly -- point and click, windows, menus, icons, setback keyboards, touch pads, the whole shebang. Apple didn't necessarily invent these things, but they were the first to put them in our hands. Almost every element of personal computing, hard and soft, was pioneered by Apple.

By rights, Apple should be running the world right now, not the other guys.

But who said the world was just? The reason Apple was trumped by Microsoft is the same reason we diehard Apple fans are diehard Apple fans. We don't have much of a head for business. Rather, we admire technical cleverness and beautiful design. We are artists, writers, musicians, or plain old computer geeks who know class when we see it.

And we rather like being in the minority. It flatters our sense of smug superiority. Tiger -- grrr --bring it on.