Monday, May 09, 2005

p's in a Pod

A year or so ago I sent an e-mail to Apple's Steve Jobs. I gave him an idea for his next killer product. Great guy that I am, I gave it to him free.

What does every woman carry in her purse? I asked. What does every man have a few of in his wallet? Family snaps.

So what is required is the iPhoto equivalent of iPod for iTunes. A 3x5 screen, one-eighth of an inch thick, flash memory. Dump your pics into it the same way you dump tunes into your iPod. The pPod, I called it.

We could use a credit-card-sized pPod-mini, too, cardboard thin and flexible, but that may require a few technology breakthroughs.

Well, did Jobs listen to me? Ha! I didn't even get a response, much less a thank you. Yeah, he came out with the iPod Photo. Big deal. Who wants to look at photos on that tiny screen. Or carry that fat thing around in purse or pocket.

Well, maybe he's still working on it. Remember, you saw it first here.