Friday, May 13, 2005

Face it

Someone who knows my age (68) sent me this URL. (Click on "Launch," then "Skincare," then "See for yourself," then the Forward button.)

Talk about seeing your life pass before your eyes! Now what am I supposed to do? Soak my head in L'Oreal products?

Hey, life is ephemeral. An adult mayfly lives for minutes or hours: flit, procreate, and die.

Only turtles live longer than humans. We can outlive two (successive) hippopotamuses, three cats, four dogs, or seven aardvarks. Hippos and aardvarks seldom complete their allotted span; most often, they are struck down in the prime of life by predators or disease. Death from old age is an almost uniquely human privilege, shared with our pampered pets.

Even for us, the expectation of a healthy 68 is relatively new. Ninety years ago, only one American in two reached age 60. Today, nine out of ten of us survive for at least six decades. Flit, procreate, and flit, flit, flit.