Saturday, April 23, 2005

Scott Kim, a homage

Some years ago I came across a book by Scott Kim, called Inversions, a collection of Kim's astonishing feats of typographical wizardry. It set me off on a spree of making inversions of my own. I stumbled on Kim's web site again recently and was reminded of how much fun I had.

Here's a rotational inversion (reads the same up or down) of my father's name (and mine), Chester. Not an easy name to invert, but I rather like the look of it. And a rough sketch of an inversion of my granddaughter's name, Victoria.

A rough sketch for niece Katherine, later used for granddaughter Katherine. I did a Christmas inversion for all the grandkids: Daniel, Charlotte, Michael, Rebecca. Rebecca was the hardest of all. And a simple little Noel inversion for a Christmas card.

And a mirror inversion for the Cushing-Martin Library of my college. Hold a mirror to the top of Martin and see Cushing. I also tried a "through the looking glass" inversion of Lewis Carroll, unsuccessfully. If you can do better, e-mail it to me and I'll post it.