Saturday, April 02, 2005

Revenge of the Yokyoks

Thanks, Joshua, for confirming my memory of the Yokyoks, an army of tiny green men with long, straight noses and red-and-yellow gloves, invented by Rube Goldberg, who carry an assortment of tools and go about fouling the works -- clogging holes in saltshakers, making pens and faucets leak, blowing fuses, letting the air out of tires.

Yokyoks especially love old houses, such as the one I have just returned to in New England. They live in the walls, the crawl space, the attic, and any other place where they can remain inconspicuous and do mischief. What is especially diabolical about Yokyoks is the way they choose the most inaccessible pipes to cause to leak -- and they've been busy while I was away.