Monday, February 14, 2005

And now for a commercial break

An appropriate day to mention my newest book, a novel -- Valentine: A Love Story -- just published in Ireland/UK and available from AmazonUK. Many of the themes discussed in ScienceMusings find their way into the novel, which is set in the Roman empire of the late-3rd century.

My Valentine is a physician, a secular humanist in the tradition of Galen and Lucretius, caught up in a world awash in religious fundamentalism, violence and superstition. Julia, his love, the blind daughter of Valentine's Roman jailer, is a Christian, at a time when when Christian martyrdom is a not uncommon fate.

(Why Ireland/UK? I gave the novel to my Irish publisher, Brandon Books, who have published Irish/UK editions of three of my previous books. They will be selling Val in other venues, including, one hopes, the US.)