Saturday, January 22, 2005

Where is Clarence Darrow when we need him?

Intelligent design (ID) has been "taught" in a Pennsylvania classroom.

Administrators read a statement to students offering ID as an alternative to evolution. Thankfully, science teachers were not required to teach what most of them know is not science.

Not science because as far as I know there is not a single research paper in any of the world's vast refereed scientific literature that offers reproducible, experimental evidence for ID.

Not science because by definition there can be no reproducible, experimental test of divine whimsy.

Make no mistake, ID is religion masquerading as science, and the adults involved in foisting it on public school children should be ashamed of themselves. Let them keep ID in their bible schools where it belongs.

"The revolution in education has begun," crowed a lawyer speaking on behalf of the school district. What has begun is the great dumbing down of America.