Friday, October 29, 2004

Time is money

Hey, I'm as vain as the next guy. And I'm not adverse to techno bling. For example, I love to flash my brushed-aluminum-alloy 12-inch Apple G4 PowerBook. It flips a bird at Microsoft, and says: "arty, rebel, votes Democratic."

But what about techno bling for the wrist? This month's Esquire has an feature on watches "every man should own." A Zenith Grande Chronomaster XXT for $104,000? A Lange & Sohne Chrono for $97,000? A Patek Philippe Calatrava for $21,000? Or a plain old Rolex Sea-dweller for $4,425.

Now in retirement, what I'm looking for is a life that will let me toss out my $29.95 Casio and keep time by the Sun.