Friday, October 08, 2004

The Closed Space of Bush's America

Terry Tempest Williams is one of America's most respected writers and a passionate advocate for the environment. I have met Ms. Williams, read her books and essays, and know her to be a thoughtful, caring citizen who wants only the best for her country.

Her latest book, The Open Space of Democracy, published by the Orion Society, is an invitation to engagement and dialogue, chosen by the faculty at Florida Gulf Coast University as required reading for all freshmen.

Williams has now been disinvited to speak at the state-funded university by the school's president and trustees, who fear political backlash at what they expect to be an anti-Bush message.

Here (from her book) is the message the freshmen will not be allowed to hear: "Question. Stand. Speak. Act. Make us uncomfortable. Make us think. Make us feel. Keep us free."