Wednesday, October 27, 2004

All the music of life seems to be... Part 2

If you have access to the journal Nature -- at a library, say; it requires a subscription online -- take a look at the article on the new draft sequence of the human genome, and the following article on sequencing the genome of Tetraodon, a freshwater puffer fish. A comparison of the two genomes -- gene by gene -- tells us much about early vertebrate-to-human evolution.

Don't worry if you can't read the articles; just scan the pages. When you look into the cockpit of a 747 you may not understand how it all works, but you know someone has done some pretty impressive engineering.

Do creation "scientists" or ID (intelligent design) "scientists" produce equivalent research? Zip. Nada. Yet they want their miracle-talk included in our public school classrooms as science. It's rather like plucking an astrologer/priest out of ancient Mesopotamia and putting him in charge of R&D at Boeing.