Monday, September 27, 2004

Some pig!

The mantra in real estate is "location, location, location." The same holds true for the world of arachnids. This past week, a large orb weaver spider has taken up residence in a decidedly plum location -- the back corner of my house. In a breezeway between the house and the back garden, the spider has been constructing enormous and spectacular webs. By slinging strands from a down spout, a garbage can, and overhanging branches, she can snag any prey making its way around the back of the house.

Unfortunately, since my house is currently for sale, I've felt obligated to keep the exterior looking tidy. Sadly, this has meant destroying these giant webs, which has pained me. Each evening, however, she has constructed a new one to replace the web I callously disposed of the day before. It seems she knows the value of her prime location and is reluctant to move to a different and perhaps less productive neighborhood.

Today brings good news for the spider (and myself). We have found a buyer for the house. I can leave her alone now, and she can resume her web slinging in peace.

Some more superstitious than I will say that the dramatic appearance of the spider was a harbinger of good luck. If that is the case, I better not tell you about all the spiders I vacuumed up in the basement...

UPDATE: I did a little more research on my spider friend. She's an Araneus diadematus, or cross spider. According to my Audubon guide, cross spiders consume their webs and rebuild new ones each evening--so now I don't feel so bad about wrecking them.