Thursday, September 16, 2004

The music of life...

As readers of The Path will know, until my retirement from teaching recently it was my privilege to walk back and forth each day from my home to my place of work, Stonehill College. The path traverses woods and fields, borders a water meadow, crosses a brook.

The college welcomes me in retirement, and I still do the walk each morning and evening.

Sadly, I am losing my hearing, entirely in one ear, a bit in the other, which means I hear less of life's music: the tip-tip of the nuthatch, the tunk-tunk of the downy woodpecker, the gurgle of the stream, the wind in the reeds, the chorusing of spring peepers.

As the sounds of nature fade, I am increasingly astonished at the number of walkers I meet along the path with earphones attached to electronic boxes of one sort or another.