Sunday, September 12, 2004

Hurricane Ivan

There was a time when people believed natural disasters were sent by God to punish malfeasance. Many folks still believe it. And here comes Ivan, wheeling towards Florida, the third hurricane in weeks to target that state.

Perhaps my old Florida-based nemesis, the antievolution tub-thumper Reverend Doctor Kent Hovind, can tell us what's up?

Once, after a Boston Globe column on evolution, I had a letter from Mister Hovind suggesting that I will burn eternally in hell for doing the devil's work. He was kind enough to include an entertaining video purporting to show there were dinosaurs on the ark.

Even as I write he may be holed up in the Pensacola headquarters of Creation Science Evangelism using biblical prophecies to track the storm. No need for the National Hurricane Center with its banks of computers and mathematical physics.