Friday, August 20, 2004

Look , but don't touch

So they want to build a tunnel at Stonehenge? Proponents of the tunnel plan say that it will reduce traffic congestion, pollution and accidents near the ancient monuments.

I must say the idea of Stonehenge sitting by itself in lush open grasslands without any whizzing cars nearby does appeal to me. However, after visiting the site for the first time while in England last month, I can tell you the real reason they want to do this -- so you are unable to see the monument without paying admission.

As it is now, you are no longer able to get up close to the stones. By paying a entrance fee of about £10 you can gain access to a walkway which circles the site at a comfortable viewing distance. If you are a cheapskate like I was, you can see the structure from the road. The view from the existing road is only about 30 feet further away than the paying customers so you can see why they want to remove the road from the picture.